East Timor government does not accept transport of Gas to Darwin by Australia’s Woodside

13 April 2010

Dili, East Timor, 13 April – The government of East Timor has re-stated that it will not allow exploration of the “Greater Sunrise” oil and natural gas field, if Australian company Woodside continues with its plan to transport the gas to Darwin or to use a floating rig.

The spokesman for the East Timor government and secretary of State for the Council of Minister, Ágio Pereira, said in Dili that “Woodside has no unilateral authority in decisions relating to East Timor’s resources.”

Pereira re-stated that the plans put forward by Woodside and the consortium’s partners for transporting gas from the Greater Sunrise field to Darwin or to use of floating LNG rig would never be approved.

“The country is strongly focused on building an oil industry on land, including a gas pipeline from Greater Sunrise to East Timor, as well as on protecting East Timor’s resources for the benefit of future generations,” noted the East Timor government spokesman.

Woodside has alleged problems with security, high costs and technical risks in crossing the ocean trench in an attempt to write off East Timor’s plans. (macauhub)