Norway grants 19 million euros to combat illegal fishing in Mozambique

14 April 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 14 April – Norway’s secretary of state for International Development, Ingrid Fiskaa, Tuesday announced funding of 10 million euros for the fishing sector in Mozambique, specifically to combat illegal fishing.

Mozambique has just one leased patrol boat, which works within a 50-mile radius of the coast, paid for by Norway and Iceland, as part of an aid package from the two countries for the Mozambican fishing sector.

The official said that Norway would continue providing support to Mozambique for the fishing sector as part of a four-year agreement signed recently with the Mozambican government, which outlines technical assistance for the sector, specifically in combating illegal fishing in Mozambique.
Last year “Kuswag I” patrolled the vast areas of Mozambique’s coast for 150 days and carried out over 1,800 inspections and detected 20 commercial ships, 80 semi-industrial ships and 64 small ships.

Illegal fishing in Mozambique may have “serious implications for the Mozambican economy,” the deputy fishing Minister, Gabriel Muthisse, told Portuguese news agency Lusa meanwhile.

“Mozambique only has the capacity to monitor up to 50 miles,” of the coast, he said.

“Most of the losses occur in the tuna fishing area because our ability to get there is still reduced, because it is beyond the 50-mile mark.Within the 50 miles, the losses are relatively small,” he said. (macauhub)