Cashew production in Mozambique highest of last three years

19 April 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 April – Cashew nut production in Mozambique this season totalled around 95,000 tonnes, the biggest amount in the last three years, the director of the national cashew institute (INCAJU), Filomena Maiópuè said.

Maiópue also told the Notícias newspaper that weather factors, along with good producer prices, spraying and flowering out of the normal period, particularly in the south of Mozambique, were just some of the factors that had contributed to a good season.

According to the director of Incaju, the amount produced this season is very close to the average outlined by the institution, which is annual production of 100,000 tonnes of raw cashews.

The cashew season in Mozambique starts in October and ends in March, but due to the cashew trees flowering out of the normal period, particularly in the south, it is expected that the season, with the sale period included, will this year end in April.

The director of Incaju noted that in order to meet that objective, the institution has been spraying cashew trees at an average of 4.5 million trees per year and, at the same time, planting a million new trees each year. (macauhub)