Cape Verdean island of Santo Antão to have three dams

21 April 2010

Porto Novo, Cape Verde, 21 April – The three dams to be built on the Cape Verdean island of Santo Antão will be located in Ribeira Grande, Porto Novo and Paul and work on them may start immediately, said the Minister for the Environment, Rural Development and Marine Resources.

According to the Cape Verdean press, the three dams are part of a wider-scale programme, worth a total of US$172 million provided by the African Development Bank (ADB).

Minister José Maria Veiga said that the package o dams in Cape Verde was approved last November by the ADB, during a conference held in Libya.

The minister said that a team from the ADB had arrived in Cape Verde in order to deal with the matter with the Cape Verdean authorities.

“We expect to have the documents ready by the end of the year in order to start work immediately,” Veiga said. (macauhub)