Angolan government calls for regulation of artisanal diamond mining

21 April 2010

Luanda, Angola, 21 April – The Angolan secretary of state for Geology and Mining, Makenda Ambroise, Tuesday in Luanda called for the need to regulate artisanal diamond mining and combating illegal mining of diamonds.

Ambroise, who was speaking at an event related to National Mining Day, which is commemorated on 27 April, asked companies authorised to prospect diamonds to move ahead immediately with proposals for regulation of artisanal mining.

Referring to mining day, Ambroise note that the date was being celebrated “at a very special time that is of extreme importance, taking into consideration the recovery of some sectors that had problems in 2009.”

Acting Geology and Mining Minister, Kiala Ngombe Gabriel said that the government’s decision to join the two ministries together aimed, mainly, to add value to Angolan mining products.

Heading up the launch of the 25th anniversary of National Mining Day the minister noted that it was necessary to add value to Angolan mining products in order for Angola to no longer depend on foreign markets for their sale.

“Depending on foreign markets, selling raw materials with no added value means that it is the buyer rather than the seller that dictates prices on international markets,” Gabriel said. (macauhub)