Sao Tome and Principe sidelined in Joint Development Zone with Nigeria

26 April 2010

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 26 April – The Sao Tome and Principe authorities have been sidelines in the process of oil exploration in the Joint Development Zone with Nigeria, Sao Tome’s prime minister, Rafael Branco said Friday in Sao Tome.

Branco made the statement on his arrival in the archipelago after taking part in a session to promote the JDZ in the United States, following an auction of oil blocks in this region and presentation of investment potential in Sao Tome and Principe.

The prime minister said that the JDZ was “a zone that is managed by two countries, with its own structure,” and noted that “it has not been easy” for Sao Tome and Principe to “get all the information that, according to the criteria of this organisation, should be provided.”

According to Branco, “Sao Tome and Principe has had difficulties obtaining information on the Joint Development Zone,” and is unable to overcome this situation, even when it has the rerating president of the JDZ.

The head of the government also noted that the rejection of Sao Tome’s request to join the Initiative for Transparency of the Mining Industries (EITI) had been due to the archipelago’s inability to obtain information on the JDZ from Nigeria. (macauhub)