Mozambican government approves new minimum wages

28 April 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 28 April – The Mozambican government Tuesday in Maputo approved new national minimum wages with increases of between 6.2 percent and 26.9 percent, government spokesman, Alberto Nkutumula said.

The approved rises will be retroactively applied from 1 April and will be higher for the financial sector, which includes creating, obtaining and redistribution of funds, insurance and pension funds, excluding social security, whose workers will earn an extra 26.9 percent.

Workers in the sugar sector will see the lowest rise, of 6.2 percent.

Overall the agricultural sector has a rise of 13 percent, the fishing sector of 7.3 percent, industry and mining of 13.2 percent, manufacturing industry of 8.6 percent, production and distribution of energy, water and gas of 10.8 percent, construction of 15 percent, non-financial activities and services of 14 percent and public administration, defence and security of at least 9 percent.

For example, a financial worker will now receive a minimum wage of 3,483 meticals (US$102) and the minimum salary of a sugar worker will increase to 1,593 meticals (US$46.6). (macauhub)