Macau’s balance of trade deficit totals US$1 billion in first quarter

3 May 2010

Macau, China, 3 May – The Macau balance of trade deficit in the first quarter of the year increased by 30.6 percent to 8.17 billion patacas (around US$1 billion) the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau said.

In the period, Macau exported goods to the total value of 1.83 billion patacas (9.4 percent less year on year) and imported 10 billion patacas’ worth of goods (20.9 percent more).

Thus the region’s exports/imports ratio posted a year on year rise of 6.1 percentage points to 18.3 percent.

There was a 24.6 percent rise in exports to Hong Kong in the period I(839 million patacas) and drops of 7.2 percent to China (270 million patacas), of 58.8 percent to the United States (208 million patacas) and 48.2 percent to the European union (96 million patacas).

In their turn, imports from China rose 20.9 percent to 3.02 billion patacas and from the European Union rose 27.1 percent to 2.2 billion patacas.

In March 2010 alone, Macau’s exports totalled 753 million patacas, a year on year rise of 17.4 percent against March of 2009, the first rise since February 2008 due to a 51.8 percent rise in re-exports, and imports totalled 3.55 billion patacas ( a rise of 29 percent), which led to a trade deficit of 2.8 billion patacas. (macauhub)