French company to produce coffee in Sao Tome and Principe

5 May 2010

Paris, France, 5 May – French company Malongo recently signed an agreement with the government of Sao Tome and Principe to re-launch coffee production on the archipelago, according to French financial newspaper, L’Expansion.

Under the terms of the agreement signed by the director-general of Malongo, Jean-Pierre Blanc and by the Sao Tome Agriculture Minister, José Luís Xavier Mendes, the French company will re-launch coffee production with the goal of achieving production of 300 tons of high quality coffee per year and make use of a unique historical heritage site, the Monte Café plantation.

Unlike in the colonial period, the project will be based on autonomous coffee producers, with Malongo favouring the creation of ten producers associations, one in each of the communities of the Monte Café region, which will be grouped under a cooperative in order to sell and export the coffee.

In order to move ahead with the project, Malongo plans to train farmers in agronomy and management and will also build the necessary infrastructures for preparing coffee in each of the communities.

Alongside this, Malongo plans to launch an agri-tourism programme in order for producers to benefit from additional income based on the Monte Café plantation located 20 kilometres from the capital of Sao Tome, at an altitude of 1,115 metres, which is currently the largest coffee producer on the archipelago.

L’Expansion said that Malongo is the first French fair-trade coffee roasting company, with agreements with Ethiopia, Mexico and Haiti. (macauhub)