Taiwan Strait Tourism Association opens tourism office in Beijing

5 May 2010

Beijing, China, 5 May – The Beijing office of the Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA) was opened Tuesday and the Taipei office of the Cross-Strait Tourism Exchange Association (CTEA) is due to be opened Friday, the People’s Daily newspaper reported in Beijing.

On the occasion, the president of the CTEA, Shao Qiwei, said that opening the tourism promotion offices in Beijing and Taipei, “will have an important role in boosting ties between the two sides of the strait.”

The opening of the TSTA office in Beijing aims to promote the Taiwan tourist industry and provide information about the most interesting tourist spots on the island, said the president fo the Taiwanese organisation, Lai Sezhen.

Figures cited by the BBC showed that 22 percent of the total number of tourists visiting Taiwan in 2009 came from mainland China, a significant rise when compared to 2008 when just 8.5 percent of tourists came from the mainland. (macauhub)