Brazil to fund Mozambique in agri-livestock project

14 May 2010

Brasilia, Brazil, 14 May – The Brazilian Cooperation Agency and agri-livestock research organisation Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Embrapa) are to support agri-livestock innovation in Mozambique under the terms of an agreement signed Wednesday in Brasilia.

Under the agreement, the Brazilian Cooperation Agency will apply at least US$4.2 million and Embrapa another US$7.9 million for a 4-year period with the aim of strengthening the Mozambican Agrarian Research Institute (IIAM).

Embrapa’s contribution will be provided via work hours of the state company’s team, which will be responsible for carrying out all activities in the areas of strategic planning, territorial management, seed systems and communication and information for technology transfer.

As well as the resources of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will provide US$8.4 million for the funding of five private international agri-livestock research centres working in Mozambique.

These funds will also be used in the maintenance of a management unit of the Mozambican agri-livestock innovation programme, known as the UGP, made up of representatives of the IIAM, Embrapa and the international organisations funded by USAID.

The Brazilian and US governments have been cooperating with the Mozambican Agriculture Ministry to develop an agri-livestock innovation platform with a view to making Mozambique self-sufficient in food production.

Signing the agreement was part of the agenda of the Brazil-Africa Dialogue which ended Wednesday, 12 May, and in which over 50 African delegations took part. (macauhub)