Mozambique’s water company benefits from EU projects worth 20 million euros

27 May 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 27 May – Mozambique’s water company, Águas de Moçambique (AdeM), which is majority-owned by Águas de Portugal (AdP), is set to benefit from projects to improve security and management over the next few years worth an expected 20 million euros.

The project will be carried out in several phases and will produce “knowledge and technology” involving 100 different organisations, mostly from Europe, including Portugal’s Instituto Superior Técnico and Laboratório de Engenharia Civil (Civil engineering Laboratory), according to Portuguese news agency Lusa.

AdeM, together with other Mozambican sector players, such as Administração Regional de Águas do Sul de Moçambique (Southern Mozambique Regional Water Administration), will benefit from a European Community Science and Technology programme, implemented by the G-MOSAIC, MyWATER and TRUST projects.

The G-MOSAIC project is focused on prevention and management of the effects of crisis on water resources, for example making use of satellite images and designing changes in land use and the impact of water use.

MyWATER extends G-MOSAIC to the coastal areas of greater Maputo and TRUST (recently approved by the European Commission) will make it possible for Mozambican institutions to be involved in work to improve the ability to respond to climate change.

Mozambique has fallen victim to climate change, with frequent droughts and floods and the projects will make it possible to transfer technology, acquire knowledge and qualify institutions and people. (macauhub)