European Union grants 100 million euros in aid to Guinea Bissau

27 May 2010

Brussels, Belgium, 27 May – Guinea Bissau is due to receive 100 million euros from the European Union (EU) via the European Development Fund (EDF), with a view to preventing conflicts, for the water and energy sector and for stabilisation.

According to an EU source, the EDF aid to Guinea Bissau in the 2008-2013 period totals 100 million euros, and the funding is being channelled to three areas, the first of which is conflict prevention.

In this area the EU considers that one of the country’s weak points is the large size of the military and public administration sectors.

The direct aid for stabilisation is set to last for two to three years and aims to stabilise public finances.

Another priority is the management of water and energy, an area considered to be key to economic and social development. (macauhub)