East Timor needs to invest US$600 million in renewable energy

3 June 2010

Dili, East Timor, 3 June – The government of East Timor will have to invest over US$600 million in order that by 2020 half of the energy produced in the country is from renewable sources, according to a statement published Wednesday by the country’s Council of Ministers.

Following the presentation to the government of a study ordered from Portuguese company Martifer on the country’s potential to produce alternative energy, the Council of Ministers issued a statement noting that, “focusing on renewable energy is fundamental for the country.”

In the statement the Council of Ministers said that the target would “save more than 50 million litres of fuel and reduce emissions by over 3 million tons of equivalent CO2.”

The study was ordered from Martifer by the State Secretariat for Energy Policy, with the aim of “defining a global, concrete and phased plan for expanded distribution of energy across the Country, based on renewable sources.”

The study that was carried out included an exhaustive assessment of the main renewable resources, which required the analysis of the flow of Timor’s main rivers in order to identify potential hydro power facilities and installation of wind measuring towers to estimate the possibility of energy production.

Martifer’s study concluded that there is a high potential for electricity production from renewable sources, particularly water resources (252 MW) and wind (72 MW).

Significant potential energy from solar, biomass and solid urban waste sources was also identified, along with over 50 potential projects with installed capacity of 451 MW. (macauhub)