Mozambique approves membership of International Cotton Advisory Commission

9 June 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 June – The government of Mozambique has approved membership of the International Cotton Advisory Commission with the country now having greater access to the international cotton market, the Council of Ministers spokesman said Tuesday in Maputo.

Current cotton production in Mozambique stands at just over 80,000 tons, most of which is exported due to the fact that the country’s textile industry is too small to absorb the available quantity of cotton.

The Council of Ministers spokesman, Victor Borges, said that joining the international organisation would make it possible for Mozambique to gain access to essential information about markets and facilities to improve placement of the product on those markets.

“This membership aims to provide Mozambique with access to the commission’s database, via which it can have information about the price of cotton, about world trade and the database of techniques used in the international plan for production as well as other relevant information,” Borges said.

Borges, who is also the Fisheries Minister, added that with access to prices in the international community it would be easier to decide how best to act in terms of domestic production and placing production on the market. (macauhub)