Huambo province, Angola, needs 60 megawatts of power by 2013

9 June 2010

Luanda, Angola, 9 June – Angola’s Huambo province, by 2013, will need 60 megawatts of electricity to power the residential, commercial and industrial grid, which is almost double the 37 megawatts that are currently needed, according to a provincial document cited by Angolan news agency Angop.

Huambo province, which has a population of around 2.3 million, has access to just 23 megawatts of power produced at thermoelectric power plants, with the remainder (making up the 37 megawatts) produced by solar systems in 23 locations, main at public institutions.

According to the document from the provincial department for Energy and Water, which studied the development of energy requirements in the province from 2002 to 2013, the grid that is expected to see greatest growth is the residential grid, which will increase from 19 megawatts in 2010 to over 32 megawatts in 2013.

After that the industrial grid will see greatest growth, from 15 megawatts to 22 megawatts, whilst the commercial grid will see little growth, rising from 1 megawatt in 2010 to 1.78 megawatts in 2013.

The study, which noted that in 2002 Huambo required just 3 megawatts of power to supply all the grids, said that the province would not be affected by a lack of power as in 2011 the Ngove dam would start operating, which would produce 60 megawatts of power. (macauhub)