Cape Verde to import cattle variety from Brazil to improve breeds

10 June 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 10 June – Cape Verde’s National Directorate for Agriculture, Silviculture and Livestock (DGASP) plans to import 452 bovine cattle from Brazil, as part of its programme to improve breeds and promote the livestock sector in the country, Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress reported.

Speaking to the agency, the livestock coordinator of the DGASP, Afonso Semedo, said that the tender had already been launched with the aim of acquiring the “girolanda” breed, a Brazilian variety that has already been identified by Cape Verdean livestock experts.

The DGASP plans with this programme to help families, businesspeople and community associations that are interested in acquiring cattle, with a view to improving breeds and production.

“Our role here is to be a promoter and facilitator. We only support the projects of those that are interested, creating conditions in terms of animal quality, particularly sanitary quality,” said Semedo.

In this first stage, the DGASP will supply the animals to the projects funded by the African Development Bank (ADB), namely those in the hydrographical basins of Pico and Engenhos and others that are underway in the country.

The girolanda breed is the most versatile in the tropics, as it is resistant to ticks and produces large volumes of milk from grazing. (macauhub)