Ngove hydroelectric facility in Angola, to save millions of dollars in fuel

11 June 2010

Luanda, Angola, 11 June – The start of operation of the Ngove hydroelectric dam in 2011 in Angola, will make it possible for the government of Huambo province to save 843 million kwanza (US$9 million), according to Angolan news agency Angop.

The agency said that when the dam goes online, supplying Huambo province and some locations in Bié province, the thermoelectric power plants will be used only sporadically, which will lead to reduced costs in acquiring fuel.

According to a document that outlines the situation of the enrgy sector in the province, that figure is spent on acquiring 29 million litres of fuel used at thermoelectric power plants or for groups of generators in the city of Huambo, Caãla, remaining municipalities and four of the provinces communes each year.

The city of Huambo consumers 22 million litres of fuel, and Caála 2 million litres, whilst the other municipalities consume 2 million litres per year. (macauhub)