Angolan entrepreneurs to build new shopping centre in Luanda

14 June 2010

Luanda, Angola, 14 Jun – The Companhia Angolana de Comercio (CAC) is investing US$20 million to build a new shopping centre in Luanda Sul, managing partners Mario Pereira and Haile Cruz told the newspaper O Pais.

The new centre will be called the Atrium Nova Vida. Financed by the Banco Espirito Santo de Angola (BESA), it aims to be the country’s biggest shopping centre, containing 51 commercial divisions over a total area of 9,200 square metres subdivided by 35 shops, a supermarket, 10 restaurants, three megastores, a multi-use plaza and a bank branch.

Plans call for the four-storey complex to be ready for use beginning in November 2011. Its main activity will be the provision of services, restaurants and consumption.

The two entrepreneurs said the decision to build the Atrium Nova Vida resulted from the fact that “this area was the one that grew the most in terms of housing projects after independence, though this was not accompanied in terms of services.”

“The Nova Vida project is the biggest residential development ever built in Angola. That’s why we want to guarantee the services sector, which has been the Achilles heel of this housing project,” said Mario Pereira, adding that the Atrium would create 600 direct and indirect jobs. (macauhub)