Refurbishment of Lomaum dam in Angola, scheduled to end in 2011

15 June 2010

Lobito, Angola, 15 June – Refurbishment work on the Lomaum hydroelectric dam in the Angola n province of Benguela, is due to be concluded in 2011, the provincial director for Energy and Water, Paulo Cornélio Gesse said last week in Lobito.

The work, which began in 2009, is in the hands of Angolan company Kamzuro-Electrice and is expected to cost 1.154 billion kwanzas (around US$12.2 million).

The provincial director for Energy and Water for benguela siad that once the dam started operating it would add 60 megawatts of energy to the Benguela region.

Benguela province currently has access to 50 megawatts of electricity, of which 40 megawatts are produced by thermal power stations and 10 megawatts by Biópio hydroelectric dam.

Cornélio Gesse also said that the power produced by the thermal plants was not enough to supply the province, which is seeing accelerated growth of its population.

Gesse also said that the provincial government was looking into ways of building mini hydroelectric facilities in municipalities in the interior of the province, which are currently supplied by generators.

Benguela province has nine municipalities: Benguela (capital), Lobito, Bocoio, Balombo, Ganda, Cubal, Caimbambo, Chongoroi and Baía Farta. (macauhub)