Aid from Mozambique’s Group of 19 donors to total US$675 million

17 June 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 17 June – Mozambique’s Programme Support Partners are to contribute US$675 million to the country’s state budget and to sector programmes in 2011, the Finnish ambassador to Mozambique, who Wednesday ended his mandate as head of the so-called Group of 19, said in Maputo.

Three countries from the group, Germany, Denmark and Portugal, are awaiting authorisation from their respective governments or parliaments to announce their positions, whilst another three, Switzerland, Sweden and the World Bank have reduced their contributions apparently because they are not satisfied with performance in some areas of governance.

On Wednesday the G-19 met with the Mozambican government to provide information on the programme aid for 2011, which includes US$412 million for the State Budget and US$263 million for sector programmes.

Sector aid is due to cover a total of 15 sectors, three of which will be new, specifically Fisheries, Decentralised Planning and Finance and the National Water and Rural Sanitation Programme (Pronasar).

According to Ambassador Kari Alanko, despite the lack of information on the position of some members of the group, assuming that the commitment from those countries is the same as for 2010, the overall amount of State Budget aid for 2010 will be US$445 million, the same amount provided this year, without counting an additional US$25 million that the World Bank provided in response to the world financial crisis. (macauhub)