Angola to issue 10-year visas to foreign investors

18 June 2010

Lisbon, Portugal, 18 June – Angola is providing 10-year visas to foreign investors and plans to launch a website where it will be possible to exchange information in real time, an Angolan official said Thursday in Lisbon.

Olim Neto, of Angola’s national agency for private investment, (ANIP) said that being granted a 10-year visas, after approval of an investment project, would depend on investing at least 80 percent of the projected capital.

On the sidelines of the “Access Africa Forum”, which ends in Lisbon Friday, the issuing of visas to foreign investors was the way the Angolan government found to resolve the longstanding problem of issuing visas.

In order to improve communication with potential foreign investors, the Angolan government is preparing to provide an electronic tool to exchange information in real time.

“This tool is almost ready and it will no longer be necessary for potential investors to travel to Luanda as they can ask their question and get an immediate response,” Neto said.

The priorities set by the Angolan government in terms of investment, the requirements for investing in Angola and all required documentation are available on ANIP’s website (

Agriculture and livestock, industry, transport, health, education and road infrastructures are the sectors noted by Neto as being a priority for Angola. (macauhub)