Mozambique’s prisons will no longer depend on funding from the State Budget

2 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 2 July – Mozambique’s prisons, in the long term, will stop depending on funding from the country’s state budget with the introduction of agricultural and livestock production on a large scale, a source from the National Prison Service told Macauhub in Maputo.

The source told Macauhub that the country’s prisons, with an estimated population of 14,000, accounted for expenditure of 450 million meticals (around US$15 million).

Thus, for the next agricultural season, the board of the National Prison Service (Snapri) expects production of around 3,000 tons of food products from an area of 1,240 hectares with the aim of increasing that production area in the future.

In Itoculo, in the Monapo district of Nampula province, and in Cagore, in the Baruè district of Manica province, Snapri has acquired 1,000 hectares of land where inmates are expected to carry out agri-livestock activities.

Other activities will also be carried out by inmates such as wood cutting, weaving, carpentry and joinery, and the prison population is also to work on cashew production by planting 110,000 cashew trees over the next three years. (macauhub)