Third mobile operator in Mozambique to be announced in 90 days

7 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 7 July – The winner of the international public tender for the 3rd mobile phone operator in Mozambique will be one of the three companies that have presented proposals, of the 22 which purchased the tender documents, officials said in Maputo Tuesday.

The director of the Mozambican National Institute of Telecommunications (INCM), Américo Muchanga, noted that Portugal Telecom’s TMN, Movitel and UNI-Telecomunicações, a consortium mande up of Unitel (Angola) and Energia Capital had been approved for the next stage.

During the session to open candidacy requests and of technical proposals, the director of the INCM also said that three companies had been excluded from the process – telecomunicações de Moçambqiue, the majority shareholder of Moçambqiue Celular (mCel), Moçambique Celular itself and Vodacom – as they are already operating in the mobile telephony sector.

The INCM will now analyse the proposals, which is expected to take 60 days, with the result of the international public tender due to be announced a month later.

Mozambique currently has two mobile phone operators: mCel, which is owned by state company Telecomunicações de Moçambique, with 4 million customers, and Vodacom, a Mozambican and South African consortium, with a 47-percent share of the market. (macauhub)