Brazil and Belgium to help Mozambique re-launch industrial sector

15 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 July – Brazil and Belgium plan to help the Mozambican government to draw up the strategy to re-launch the country’s industrial sector, said Eduardo Munguea, of Mozambique’s Ministry for Industry and Trade.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa, Munguea said that the government planned, as of this year, to start the “project to set up industrial zones and parks, and thus there is a need for a specific study on where to set up specific industries.”

“We are going to have help from Brazilian and Belgian specialists for a specific study on setting up the industrial parks. The new approach to re-launching industry will lead us to the design of concrete projects for industrial investment in the country,” said Munguea.

Noting that Mozambique had been losing out on export of raw materials, due to a lack of industries to process certain materials, Munguea noted that the future industrial parks would start out with basic services, such as power, water and access roads.

Currently, the contribution of the industrial sector to Mozambique’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is of around 12 percent, a percentage that is considered to be low, taking into consideration the country’s potential. (macauhub)