Mozambique visited during World Cup by 50,000 more tourists than in June 2009

19 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 19 Jul – Mozambique was visited in June by 50,000 more tourists than in the same month of 2009, beyond expectations associated to the World Cup football tournament held in neighbouring South Africa, the director of Mozambique Tourism, Martinho Matxiwa, has stated.

“The initial forecast was for the country to receive 10 percent of the 450,000 tourists who travelled to South Africa” for the World Cup, or 45,000 tourists, Matxiwa said.

Figures provided by Mozambican migration services indicate that in June 2010 the country received 252,120 tourists, 50,000 more than in June 2009, for growth of about 24 percent.

Figures from border crossings indicate that Maputo province received the most foreigners, 44,000 more than in June 2009, although Matxiwa said that many tourists may have registered on their way to Maputo before heading to other provinces such as Inhambane and Gaza.

The Mozambican tourism market is dominated by South Africans, although “lately the tourists have diverse origins, with “notable growth of the European, American and Asian markets,” he added. (macauhub)