AngolaHub – a new economic information portal based in Macau

19 July 2010

Macau, China, 19 Jul – Chinese and Angolan entrepreneurs have launched a free trilingual economic information portal called AngolaHub, at, with the aim of publicising the most significant economic events in Angola.

The portal was launched on Monday after a three-month trial period and will provide information in English, Chinese and Portuguese about the most relevant aspects of the Angolan economy.

“We want to publicise in Asia and particularly China the most important things happening in that African country, which is Beijing’s main commercial partner in Africa,” said Jose Maria Trindade, one of the project’s directors.

AngolaHub “aims to be a reference service in relations between Angola and China,” without forgetting the link to the Portuguese language countries, Trindade said.

The portal is based in Macau and maintains cooperation agreements with other international media outlets to ensure dissemination of its content.

Besides providing statistical information, AngolaHub has a reserved information area called Angola Monitor which only subscribers can access.

Also in the scope of promoting Angola-China relations, the AngolaHub portal presents a Chinese character every day, along with its meaning and how to write it, as a means to encourage Chinese language teaching in Africa. (macauhub)