Mozambican government increases area of Gorongosa National Park

21 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 July – The government of Mozambique has decided to increase the area of Gorongosa National Park (PNG) from 3,700 square kilometres to 4,067 square kilometres, in order to prevent the destruction of its ecosystem, the Council of Ministers spokesman said Tuesday in Maputo.

Alberto Nkutumula said that the extension of the border of the PNG, which is one of the biggest national parks in Africa, would be carried out by adding the Gorongosa mountain range and creation of a buffer area around the park.
“A buffer zone has been created around Gorongosa National Park, precisely to set up an intermediate region between the park and the free mining, flora and fauna resources exploration area,” said Nkutumula.

By establishing an intermediate area between the park and the resource exploration area, the aim is to ensure that the population’s activities, “have no negative influence on the region’s ecosystem,” the spokesman said.

According to Nkutumula, without the new borders announced on Tuesday, damage to the PNG’s ecosystem, as well as that of Gorongosa district and the city of Beira, capital of Sofala province, where the park is located, would be irreparable. (macauhub)