Luanda railroad company in Angola starts goods transport between Luanda and Dondo

22 July 2010

Luanda, Angola, 22 July – Angolan railroad company Caminhos-de-Ferro de Luanda (CFL) this week started the regular transport of goods between Quilómetro 30, in Viana municipality (Luanda), Catete and Maria Teresa (Bengo), Zenzo do Itombe and Cassualala (Kwanza Norte).

The head of CFL’s operations, Aurélio Russo, said that these journeys aimed to test the railroad and allow for compacting and balance of the rails, after refurbishment work on around 400 kilometres of track.

Russo also said that two journeys per week would be carried out and that the company would charge 80,436 kwanzas (US$867) per truck for 44 tons.

On 15 July, CFL once again linked up the locations of Luanda and Dondo, 10 years after it was forced to halt the link due to Angola’s civil war.

Cambambe municipality, located 75 kilometres from Ndalatando, capital of Kwanza Norte province, is a confluence point for those travelling from Luanda (capital) to the northeast, south and east of Angola and vice-versa.

According to AngolaHub news agency the rail link between the cites of Luanda, Ndalatando and Malanje is due to be launched in December of this year, which is expected to drive the development of these regions.

The Luanda railroad was opened in 1909 covering a total of 479 kilometres, including small branch lines.

After the country’s independence, it fell into a long period of decline due to a fall in the amount of cargo transported (from 301,000 tons in 1973 to 54 tons in 1990), loss of qualified staff, financial difficulties and lack of investments due to the deterioration of the railway line. (macauhub)