World Trade Organisation to Mozambique’s industrial development

22 July 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 22 July – The World Trade Organisation (WTO), via its programme to boost the Integrated Framework, will start providing US$1 million per year to Mozambique to support industrial programmes in the country, the executive secretary of the programme, Dorothy Tembo said.

The financial package of the Integrated Framework programme will help Mozambique to organise its “strategies for growth, economic development and the fight against poverty as well as to strengthen the capacities of small and medium sized companies,” said a statement from the Mozambican Confederation of Economic Associations (Cta), which attended the announcement of the funding.

As part of its cooperation with Mozambique, Tembo said that the WTO would provide just over US$350,000 for setting up a technical unit at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which will be responsible for drawing up industrial projects for its promotion inside and outside the country. (macauhub)