Cape Verde launches public tender tor new third generation telecommunications operators

3 August 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 3 Aug – Cape Verde’s National Telecommunications Agency (ANAC) Monday launched a public tender for licensing of three third generation telecommunications operators, with broadband Internet access and via mobile phones.

On launching the tender, the chairman of ANAC, David Gomes said that, before the tender, a public consultation was carried out of companies that showed interest in the project.

Gomes also explained that third generation mobile phone would introduce broadband Internet to the mass market in Cape Verde.

“We want to take broadband Internet access to every corner of the country. It is a possible objective, particularly via 3G mobile communications, potentially making it possible to introduce ´Mobile TV’ and a roaming service with Internet access to meet the demands of tourists,” he explained.

ANAC also launched the tender for licensing a mobile communications operator, or a 2nd Generation voice operator, which will join “CV Móvel” (of the CV Telecom group, part-owned by Portugal Telecom) and “T+”.

Before the second mobile operator entered the Cape Verdean market in 2007, Cape Verde had a mobile phone market penetration of 30 percent and that now stands at 70 percent. (macauhub)