World Bank funds agri-business in Mozambique

9 August 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 9 Aug -The International Finance Corporation – IFC – member of the World bank Group, plans to increasing its training activities in the agri-business sector in Mozambique with the aim of helping micro, small and medium-sized companies to get better access to financial markets and resources.

An IFC statement said that the aim was to work with three agri-business programmes in Mozambique.

The first programme is aimed at helping private initiatives in the agricultural sector with a view to improving the income of smallholders through the sale of their products. The second is to improve the value chain of bananas, cashews, peanuts, maize, mango, pineapple, sesame and soy.

The IFC also plans to launch a programme to support various types of business, such as agriculture, poultry farming, forestry and milling.

The IFC plans to work with the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA) for agricultural commercialisation, as well as USAID, via the AgriFUTURO programme, to improve the value chain of several products, and Technolserve, for developing activities linked to forestry and grain processing.

The IFC statement also said that the organisation would work closely with seven partners to implement its programme in Mozambique, including the Escola Superior de Negócios e Empreendedorismo de Chibuto business school, Eduardo Mondlane University and the Investment Society (GAPI), to help organise educational events, adapt content, manage training activities, ensure their quality, supervise and evaluate the impact of the training. (macauhub)