South Africa’s Sasol prepares to start prospecting for oil and gas on coast of Sofala and Inhambane in Mozambique

13 August 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 13 Aug – South African petrochemical group Sasol is preparing to start drilling to survey for hydrocarbons in the sea off the coast of Sofala and Inhambane, 95 kilometres to the southeast of Beira and 50 kilometres north of the Bazaruto National Park in Mozambique.

Sasol plans to invest over US$5 million in oil and gas exploration.

According to documents from Sasol the company has already carried out environmental pre-feasibility studies and will hold public consultations sessions on the 23, 24 and 26 August in Beira, Maputo and Govuro, in Inhambane province.

Mozambican newspaper Notícias noted that the report said that no obstacles were found to the project and that the company can go ahead with a full Environmental Impact Study (EIA).

According to the same document the process listed impacts on biodiversity, on fishing activities, as well as waste management, the atmosphere, water, accidental leaks of oil or gas and those of a cumulative nature.

After the studies underway and if the show there is not negative impact the Mozambican government is expected to authorise prospecting work off the coast of Sofala and Inhambane. (macauhub)