Spanish airline carries cargo between Bissau, Lisbon and the Canary Islands

18 August 2010

Bissau, Guinea Bissau, 18 Aug – Spanish-owned airline Avicargas recently launched a cargo service between the capital of Guinea Bissau, via Lisbon and on to the Canary Islands (Spain), the chairman of the company said in Bissau Tuesday.

Pedro Sablas told Portuguese news agency Lusa that the company had decided to start transporting cargo between Guinea Bissau and Lisbon, “the most important point in this country’s relations with Europe.”

“We have a cargo ‘plane, which comes to Bissau every week, flying from Lisbon to Las Palmas and then Bissau. On its return it stops in Dakar (Senegal), goes to Lisbon and then ends its journey in Las Palmas”, Sablas said noting that the aircraft, a cargo ‘plane with capacity for 17 tons of cargo, had started operating last Sunday.

Sablas also said that Avicargas, which already operates in countries such as Cape Verde, Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania, aimed to be the “transport vehicle” for Guinean products and by the end of the year would have another cargo ´plane.

Carrying fish and seafood from Guinea Bissau is Avicargas’ main aim, said Sablas, noting that Guinea Bissau could not transport sea foods by sea as it still had no phytosanitary license to do so. (macauhub)