Catumbela Industrial Hub in Angola to house over 100 projects

19 August 2010

Lobito, Angola, 19 Aug – The Catumbela Industrial Development Hub (PDIC), in Lobito, in Angola’s Benguela province, has 100 new business projects, the chairman of the institution, Samuel Orlando Amaral said Wednesday.

According to the chairman, who was summarising the work being carried out at the hub, which is located between the cities of Lobito and Benguela, several national and foreign businesspeople are now moving ahead with their projects.

Samuel Orlando Amaral said that the geographic location of the region and the road network, which sets off from the city of Lobito towards the centre, south and north of Angola were favourable conditions for the businesspeople focusing on industry based in Catumbela.

The prospect of the re-launch of the Benguela Railroad, which will make it easier to transport goods from the coast to the provinces of Huambo, Bié and Moxico, and to neighbouring countries is, according to Amaral, one of the conditions that has led businesspeople to focus on industrialisation in Catumbela.

In order to supply power to the industries and local communities, the provincial government is rebuilding the Lomaum dam which, by the end of 2011, is expected to be producing 60 megawatts of power, as well as setting up a thermal power plant with a 50 megawatt capacity.

In order to make the investors’ projects viable, the government is implementing the Águas de Benguela water project with a capacity to supply 1 cubic metre of water per second. (macauhub)