Mozambican energy minister concerned about vandalising of Nacala-Porto pipeline

24 August 2010

Nacala, Mozambique, 24 Aug – Vandalising of the pipeline that links the port of Nacala to the storage tanks of oil companies Petromoc and BP Moçambique may lead to a human tragedy of proportions that are difficult to foresee, said Mozambique’s Energy Minister, Salvador Namburete.

The minister gave the warning on visiting the pipeline, which transports liquid fuels, such as diesel, gasoline and jet fuel from the port of Nacala to the storage tanks of the two oil companies, along a four kilometre stretch and which has been systematically sabotaged for the illegal tapping of fuel.

Cited by newspaper Notícias, Namburete added that as there were high capacity fuel storage tanks at the port of Nacala, as well as many fuel stations in the town and large industrial units set up in the special economic area, if there was a fire at the pipeline, there would be an immeasurable tragedy.

Namburete said he was also concerned with the current locations of the Petromoc and BP Moçambique facilities in the city of Nampula, which are in the middle of a densely-populated residential neighbourhood. (macauhub)