Luanda railroad in Angola may start receiving cargo trains in 2 months

30 August 2010

Malanje, Angola, 30 Aug – The Luanda/Malanje railroad, which has been undergoing reconstruction since 2005, in the next two months will be able to operate an experimental freight train, the Deputy Transport Minister for the railway sector said in Malanje Wednesday.

At the end of the second test of the railway line’s conditions, along a 424 kilometre route, José João Kuvíngua said that the line had settled and that the test had served to analyse the non-conformities seen during the first inspection trip carried out on 27 July.

“The levelling of the line and regulation of ballast have been carried out as far as Dondo (Kwanza Norte), with only the section from Cacuso municipality to the city of Malanje yet to be concluded,” said the deputy minister, adding that the branch line and signs between Cacuso and Malanje had yet to be concluded.

On this second experimental trip, the delegation from railway management company CFL visited the stations at Catate, Barraca, Zenza do Itombe, Ndalahui, Luinha, Canhoca, Ndalatando. Lucala, Cacuso, and Matete, which were rebuilt during the programme for modernisation and recuperation of the rail infrastructures destroyed during Angola’s civil war. (macauhub)