Water and power distribution privatised on Boa Vista island, Cape Verde

7 September 2010

Praia, Cape Verde, 7 Sept – Water and power distribution on the island of Boa Vista, the third largest on the Cape Verde archipelago, has been privatised in favour of water and electricity company, Água e Energia da Boa Vista (AEB), the Cape Verdean press reported.

The decision, which had been announced after a Council of Ministers meeting on 3 June, has now been made official with its publication in the Official Bulletin of 20 August.

In the sub-concession contract, which has already come into force, it shows that Água e Energia da Boa Vista is now responsible for all high voltage energy transmission, from point of transformation to point of reception, as well as water distribution from producer to storage and distribution reservoirs.

When it announced the decision, the government said that the focus had been to prioritise the water and energy sectors focused, “on supplying populations with relatively healthful conditions and in quantities that satisfy the minimum needs of families.”

The agreement will be in place for the same amount of time as the concession to Empresa de Electricidade e Água (Electra), on Boa Vista, and may be extended for the amount of time required to “pay down and give a return on the capital invested by the sub-concession holder, via a prior agreement with the State and the concession-holder.” (macauhub)