Spanish company refurbishes Mucosos Irrigation Perimeter in Angola

13 September 2010

Dondo, Angola, 13 Sept – The project to refurbish the Mucoso Irrigation Perimeter in Cambambe municipality, in Angola’s Kwanza Norte province has been carried out since last August by Spanish company Incatema Consulting, the director for the company’s agricultural projects in Angola said Sunday.

Speaking to Angolan news agency Angop, Luís Cano said that the project, which was the responsibility of the Ministry for Agriculture and Rural Development, included mechanisation of 500 hectares of land, refurbishment of administrative facilities and housing and the unit’s warehouses.

A new collection system capable of pumping 1,800 cubic metres of water per hour will be installed and currently 22 kilometres of access points are being laid.

Cano said that the Mucoso irrigation perimeter would be sub-divided into 162 sections of 3 hectares each, where vegetable crops will be planted, along with pineapples, citrus fruits and mango.

The project to refurbish the perimeter, topographical surveys of which began a year ago, is expected to be concluded by September 2011.

The project also includes provision of tractors and their tools, construction of two facilities to store materials and production equipment, and installing three groups of electricity generators.

Incatema, which works in the market and consulting, agricultural and fisheries sectors has been in Angola since 2002 working in the provinces of Huíla, Bengo and Kwanza Norte.

The Mucoso Irrigation perimeter is one of the largest agricultural units in Cambambe municipality, and in the colonial era it produced several quality products for export.

Its activity was halted entirely in the 1990s and some of its area is used by rural families for subsistence farming. (macauhub)