Third mobile phone operator in Mozambique to be announced in October/November

21 September 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 Sept – The Mozambican Minister for Transport and Communications said in Maputo that the country’s third mobile phone operator would be announced between the end of October and beginning of November, according to the Mozambican press.

Minister Paulo Zucula said that the team that was working on selecting the operator was due this month to conclude the technical evaluation of three proposals that had been approved for the final stage, which will be followed by a financial analysis.

“Our deadlines point to the winner being announced at the end of October (…) but this is a complicated process. Sometimes we need to call the operator to make adjustments. We hope that by November the third operator will be announced,” said the minister.

However, a source from the Mozambican National Communications Institute said that the tender document outlined that the winner of the tender for the third mobile phone operator would be announced on 22 October and not in November.

The source also said that there was already a project in place for regulation of infrastructure sharing by mobile operators and that “it has already been in the hands of the Technical Council of the Ministry for Transport and Communications.”

The next step, the source said, was for the process to go to the Consulting Council of the Transport and Communications Ministry before heading for the Council of Ministers for approval. (macauhub)