Mozambique to apply for membership of Kimberley Process in 2011

29 September 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 29 Sept – The presentation of Mozambique’s application for the Kimberley process is scheduled for next year, the assistant national director of Mines, Obede Matine told Macauhub Tuesday.

On the sidelines of a meeting on the matter held at Bilene beach, in the southern Mozambican province of Gaza, Matine said that Mozambique’s interest in joining the Kimberley Process had initially been shown two years ago.

The meeting in Bilene, he said, aimed to promote the entire process to investors and public institutions to make them familiar with the process before the membership process was complete.

The portfolio for Mozambique’s candidacy is due to be analysed at a session of the Council of Ministers by the end of October.

There are 15 companies in Mozambique that have a diamond prospecting license, and it is thought that diamonds are most likely to be found on the banks of the Save and Limpopo rivers. (macauhub)