Angolan group builds limestone processing factory

6 October 2010

Luanda, Angola, 6 Oct – Angolan group Savana has invested US$1.4 million to set up a factory to process raw limestone into a product to correct (improve) soil, the group’s chairman said Tuesday in Lubango, in Angola’s Huíla province.

Speaking to Angolan news agency Angop, Norberto Luís said that the factory was operating with two production lines in a business sector that he considered to be fundamental, given that Angola’s soil is acid, and thus not ideal for agriculture and that adding lime would correct this.

With this investment, he added, the group aimed to reduce the level of imports of lime, as although buying it abroad seems cheap, it becomes more expensive with shipping and payment of customs charges, mainly because the US$40 price in Brazil, one of the biggest sources, is the same as that in Angola.

Asked about the quality of the lime, Luís said that it had been proven in Brazilian and Portuguese laboratories and thus his main customers, farmers in Kwanza Sul province, were ordering at least 800 to 900 tons.

The Savana group, which has been in the Angolan market since 1999, employs 300, mainly Angolan, workers. (macauhub)