Luanda railroad, in Angola, to reach Malanje in 1st half of 2011

12 October 2010

Luanda, Angola, 12 Oct – The railroad between Luanda and Malanje, in Angola, is due to be fully operational only in 2011 and not this year due to the finalisation of some technical, operational and administrative details, an official said Monday in Luanda.

Júlio Bango, director of the National Institute of Railroads of Angola (INCFA), said that the arrival of the train in Malanje depended on the definitive recuperation of the Luanda/Malanje railway line, the repair workshops and acquisition of equipment.

“The train will probably arrive in Malanje in the first half of next year, and so we are carrying out inspections, checks, consolidation of the line, in order for the locomotive to travel with good conditions and allow the population to transport goods safely,” he explained.

He also added that training and hiring specialised staff in various areas such as mechanics and telecommunications was also a requirement for the train to start operating.

The Luanda/Ndalatando/Malanje railroad was at a halt for 18 years due to the Angolan civil war.

Reconstruction of the 424 kilometres of track began in 2005 funded by the China International Fund (CIF), which made it possible to rebuild 600 hydraulic crossings, 16 stations and 40 bridges and pontoons. (macauhub)