Angolan government calls for private companies to be involved in railway business

12 October 2010

Luanda, Angola, 12 Oct – Júlio Bango, director of the National Institute of Railroads of Angola (INCFA), said Monday in Luanda that it was vital that private companies become involved in the country’s railway sector.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of the Minister for Transport, Augusto Tomás, and sector workers, Bango also said that the government as open to partnerships with Angolan or foreign companies that wished to cooperate so long as they met the imposed requirements.

“The government is open to proposals from private operators interested in the Malanje, Benguela and Moçâmedes line, so long as they are duly licensed and bring their trains (both the locomotives and the carriages),” he said.

Bango noted that Angola’s law on railroads made room for that possibility, which has so far no occurred likely due to delays in the conclusion of the Luanda (CFL), Moçâmedes (CFM) and Benguela (CFB) railroads, due to the international financial crisis’ effects on Angola.

Therefore, the director said, there was no exclusivity for state companies, and opportunities were open to all this those that were interested in being involved in the railway sector, which is controlled by INCFA, which is also responsible for certifying the equipment used and granting licenses to operators.

The director of the recently created National Institute of Railroads of Angola (INCFA), said that on receiving a license the interested operators could operate on the routes most convenient to them, transporting goods or passengers.

The meeting was attended by representatives from several provinces, notably the chairmen of the boards of the management companies of three railroads and analysed the Memorandum on the Regulation of the Rail Sector and the Technical, Operational and Quality Audit Report on the work underway in the sector. (macauhub)