Swedish business mission finds business opportunities in Mozambique

15 October 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 15 Oct – The Swedish business mission to Mozambique was a success because there are several business opportunities, given the “lack of equipment in several sectors,” the head of the Swedish delegation, Jan Kettnaker said Thursday in Maputo.

This week Mozambique for the first time, and at the invitation of the Swedish Embassy in Mozambique, welcomed a group of Swedish businesspeople, with a view to boosting commercial relations between the countries and setting up partnerships and new business opportunities.

The mission included companies linked to new technologies for the mining, construction, health, finance, telecommunications and transport sectors.

Although commercial relations between the two countries are not very strong, and even though there are already some Swedish companies working in Mozambique, Sweden sees business opportunities in the country.

“Traditionally there has not been much interest from Sweden in terms of business. Contacts were very limited, but that has changed over the last few years,” said Kettnaker.

He added that there were a number of investments that could be made in Mozambique, as there is a lack of equipment in several sectors and “that is the opportunity that the Swedish companies want to explore.”

Next year, further visits by Swedish businesspeople to Mozambique may take place, which Kettnaker said he hoped would happen once the businesspeople return to Sweden and publicise their findings. (macauhub)