Green revolution has yet to happen in Mozambique

26 October 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 26 Oct – Mozambique’s agricultural production is low and the green revolution launched three years ago has yet to present results, indicates an August official report released on Monday in Maputo.

The report on the country’s agriculture sector was produced by the Inspectorate-General of Finances and the Eurosis consultancy firm. It indicates that agriculture accounts for about 20 percent of gross domestic product and that production mainly depends on the family sector, occupying more than 97 percent of the 5 million hectares cultivated annually, when there are nearly 36 million hectares that can be cultivated.

The same document adds that agrarian productivity levels are low and provides the following examples: the commercial network of production means and agricultural products is weak (lack of roads, storage or energy); dry-farming is the main method (only 2 percent of the 3 million irrigable hectares are used); and “there is a lack of basic services to guarantee the best use of available resources”.

The report also cites the relatively undeveloped markets, the lack of readiness by financial institutions to invest in the sector, the abuse of fire-clearing, often uncontrolled, and the vulnerability of production, which largely depends on weather conditions.

An additional factor is plagues and the lack of means to prevent and combat them, as well as the lack of personnel, especially at district level.

The report adds that Mozambique nevertheless has great agro-ecological potential, with available manpower and arable land, as well as “vast areas of pastureland”: more than 12 million hectares with only 1.2 million bovines and 4.3 million goats.

The Mozambican government approved the Green Revolution Strategy in 2007, which was meant to rapidly increase agricultural production based on crop diversification and intensification.

The year 2008 saw creation of the three-year Action Plan for Food Production. However, the strategy has yet to achieve the desired results. (macauhub)