Mozambique’s Citrum company to close 2010 with 70,000 crates of citrus fruit sold in Europe

27 October 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 27 Oct – Citrinos do Umbeluzi (Citrum) expects to close 2010 with exports of nearly 70,000 crates (1,100 tonnes) of oranges and grapefruit to the European market, up from the 66,000 exported in 2009, the company’s financial director has stated.

In an interview with IPEXinfo cited by the Maputo-based daily Noticias, Paulo Negrao said the company’s citrus fruit was exported to markets in the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands, where it is sold in various supermarket chains.

Besides exporting citrus fruit overseas, Citrum, based in the Umbeluzi Basin in the Boane district of Maputo province, sells 1,400 crates of bananas each week to the South African market.

The company also commercialises part of its production in the Mozambican market, where about 600 tonnes of citrus fruit are sold.

Regarding the future, Negrao said he hoped the company would be able to finally obtain certification from Globalgap, the private body that sets standards for certifying agricultural production methods worldwide, a process that has dragged on for five years.

Globalgap certification would enable the company to reach many other supermarket chains in Europe and obtain more added value, he added.

Citrum currently counts a workforce of 180 permanent employees and several hundred seasonal workers for harvesting and packaging fruit. (macahub)