Mozambique needs to increase number of cashew trees sprayed against blights and disease

12 November 2010

Maputo, Mozambique, 12 Nov – Research to lower the costs of spraying cashew trees from US$1 per tree to US$0.60 is being carried out in Mozambique, an official of the national cashew institute (INCAJU), said Thursday in Maputo.

Raimundo Matule, assistant director of INCAJU, who was speaking at the beginning of the 5th National Cashew Forum in Maputo, noted that, on average a blight and disease-free cashew tree can produce up to 10 kilos of nuts, a level that falls to 3 kilos when severely under attack.

Matule also said that of the around 40 million cashew trees of productive age, Mozambique sprays just 5 million trees.

He added that technicians were using financial resources to hire more staff for spraying and expand the programme to combat blight and disease by at least 20 percent.

With these efforts, Mozambique could in the short term collect a further US$80 million in exports of cashews and up to US$100 million in the medium term.

On the same occasion, Matule also said that there were currently 16 cashew processing factories in Mozambique that were operating at full capacity and 4 which are at a halt, with the government now in talks with the owners of the units to assess what kind of support it could provide. (macauhub)