Forum Macau member nations need to cooperate to face challenges of global world, Angolan minister says

13 November 2010

Macau, China, 13 Nov – The participating countries of Forum Macau should boost economic and trade cooperation based on the Plans of Action resulting from the ministerial conference in order to successful face the challenges of a globalised world, Angola’s Economy Minister said in Macau Saturday.

After summarising the challenges facing Angola’s development, Minister Abraão Gourgel noted that that summary showed the need to implement diversified cooperation between the relevant countries in order for the Angolan government to be able to achieve its goals within a reasonable time.

“The countries that take part in Forum Macau should boost cooperation on equal terms, mutual benefits and advantages, by identifying the specific needs and defining the best ways of achieving this in order to achieve comon development,” the Angolan minister added.

Gourgel ended his speech by reiterating his availability to hear proposals from the business sector from the member countries of Forum Macau to invest in Angola.

Initially, speaking in terms of the reality in Angola, the Economy Minister highlighted the need to achieve diversification of the economy, substitute imports, promote exports, incentivize private investment and boost the Angolan business sector and employment.

The financial and economic crisis, the minister continued, showed the need to overcome dependence on the oil sector in order to achieve a process of sustained development and via domestic production of consumer goods and raw materials free up foreign exchange resources to acquire the capital goods that the country is still not capable of producing. (macauhub)