China’s Daqing Drilling drills test oil well in Mozambique for Norway’s DNO

17 November 2010

Beira, Mozambique, 17 Nov– Norwegian oil company DNO is due next week to begin work to drill a 3,500 metre well in the Inhaminga block, in Mozambique’s Sofala province, to test for hydrocarbons, according to Mozambican newspaper Diário de Moçambique.

The paper, which is published in the city of Beira, capital of Sofala province, said that DNO, which has been prospecting for oil and gas in the province since, had decided to drill the well following the results of seismic surveys.

The director of DNO Moçambique, Jarl Aagedl, said that by the end of 2009 the company had invested around US$32 million and that natural gas had been found.

“So far the results we have had have been logical and they indicate only the existence of gas, but what we want to know is if there is also oil or not and to find that out we need to drill,” Aagedl told Diário de Moçambique.

For that purpose DNO has hired a Chinese company specialised in drilling, called Daqing Drilling, which plans to carry out the work in the next 38 days. (macauhub)